Earn our Views: Mat-Su Valley, Alaska

After the helicopter cancels on us because of a low ceiling in the Matanuska Valley, I break the news to the crew that we’ll have a five hour hike with gear to earn our views for the opening segment of the show.  Discovery project

Alaskan Float Plane

Nothing like skipping out on floats.

El Camino Real:  Panama

  This was a flooded lake that at one time was part of the Spanish gold trade route from Peru to España called El Camino Real.  No longer golden fields…now a lakeside tree graveyard.

Coiba: Panama’s Alcatraz

 Walking an old penal colony on a scout.  Searching for terrain to host another expedition show.

Saving Turtles

This guy got caught in a fishing net in Panama. Let’s save him.

Running Rapids

Testing out a dry suit, having a laugh on the job, testing the obstacle course.  Love it out in the cuts.