Peter Goetz

Peter Goetz

Peter Goetz’ innate love for adventure is palpable. The California native and UC Berkeley alum is a seasoned veteran of documentary adventure television and film, using his vast experiences around the globe to carve out compelling stories about unique subcultures and ordinary people enduring the impossible.

Goetz has visited over 70 countries working on such fan favorites as Survivor (13 seasons), Amazing Race, Ultimate Survival Alaska 2, and Expedition Impossible. He’s also stepped into the rare worlds of his subjects with his work on Swamp People, Yukon MenThe Buried Life, Die Trying, and most recently he Executive Produced and Directed Discovery Channel’s Pacific Warriors.

With over a decade of adventure programming experience under his belt, Goetz has left few rocks unturned, and without question (or hesitation) he’s enjoyed every second of it! For Goetz, each project introduces a greater take-away than the adventure at hand, he feels honored to unveil the raw interactions and emotional connections that organically unfold before him. Goetz takes us on a journey by intimately exposing what is at its most authentic, a truly uninterrupted social experience.

“Working in remote, extreme environments, every project offers up its own series of challenges. The best stories are spontaneous and allowing for moments to surface naturally is essential to producing story gold. The single most rewarding element of any adventure project is to experience the thrill of the unknown.”

In addition to being recognized for his distinctive production work, Goetz is an acclaimed photographer and soulful musician. With each new opportunity that his fast-paced career brings, Goetz finds himself enveloped and inspired by his surroundings. He speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, opening up experiences to direct his award winning bilingual documentary film, Sofia, write and record trilingual songs that have granted him the opportunities to tour Australia and perform at the X-Games in Brazil. In addition, his innovative photography techniques have led to global exhibits of his work.

Needless to say, Goetz has found a comfortable place for himself in both the music and photography worlds by expressing his explorative lifestyle through his many talents. He has the uncanny ability to captivate his audience thanks to his natural draw and eye for the extraordinary. No matter the medium, Goetz is known for entertaining colorful crowds on nearly every continent — if not to their television sets, then through film, song, and storytelling.